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File:Arlington FDIC office.jpg|thumb|right|The FDIC's satellite campus in Arlington, Virginia, is home to many administrative and support functions, though the most senior officials work at the main building in Washington File:FDIC 2500 sign by Matthew Bisanz.JPG|Bank sign indicating the original insurance limit offered by the FDIC of $2,500 in 1934.|thumb|right|200px The '''Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation''' ('''FDIC''') is a State-owned enterprise#Federal government chartered and owned corporations|United States government corporation providing deposit insurance to depositors in US banks. The FDIC was created by the 1933 Banking Act after the Great Depression to restore trust in the American banking system; more than one-third of banks failed in the years before the FDIC's creation, and bank runs were common. The insurance limit was initially US$2,500 per ownership category. Since the passage of the Dodd–Frank...
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